Experience IvIvI Artwork Virtually

IvIvI is proud to announce that they work with Exhibbit to display IvIvI masterpieces as if you were to visit a gallery! It’s an absolutely wonderful experience and will give you a comprehensive taste of what IvIvI has to offer. Take a 3D tour through the latest and greatest IvIvI artworks and enjoy them to the fullest extent. Should you like the artworks and want to share a certain perspective, then use the INVITE button to share it with your friends and family!

The main purpose of the virtual exhibit is to give IvIvI’s guest (that’s you) an opportunity to just ENJOY the artwork and hopefully it will bring you happiness. Share the love with anyone who could use a pick-me up and remember to relax.

IMPORTANT: Please view the gallery on your laptop or desktop if you are able. While mobile phones are able to work, be aware you will be asked to download the Exhibbit application. One other note: Take care to review the “How to Move” directions to ensure you have the most pleasant gallery experience possible. 


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