Spiral For Me



Sacred Geometry paints this spiral design into a mesmerizing artwork that will surely capture your attention. With crisp lines and tight linework, Spiral For Me wants you to join it for the journey through to its center. Come take a closer look.


Made by IvIvI in 2019, Spiral For Me is an artwork meant to inspire wonderment through geometric design. Sacred Geometry plays a large part in IvIvI creations and Spiral For Me will draw you into it’s center with it’s technical perfection.

Lose yourself with a simple glance, starting with the silver frame that catches your eye even from afar. As your gaze moves inwards, appreciate the beauty of it’s symmetry in every diamond. Continue your visual trip by settling on the middle until the ink itself is no more and you find yourself in the middle of the art. And now? Go back out, and relive the intrigue this artwork inspires!


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Additional information

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions18 × 22 × 1.125 cm
Art Surface

Archival Ink

Blue Metallic, Silver

Artwork Border

Design Concept

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Dimensions ( L x W x H) In

1 Spiral For Me 3219D1.70000.jpg
Spiral For Me