Meditate On Me



Find your peace by drifting through the intricate linework of this gorgeous lotus. From petal to petal, you will find the grace of nature perfectly shaped in this artwork.


Much like the element of inspirational abstract wall art in the ‘Inspire Me’ piece, Meditate On Me, elevates the concept with a focus on yoga lotus meditation art. By experimenting with the idea of Lotus flower wall art, this original artwork makes for the perfect home decor piece.

Peace and serenity come in many different forms. For those following a yogic lifestyle or who simply want to bask in the serenity of the lotus flower, Meditate On Me asks you to follow the lines and symmetric design and simply free your mind in that process. Forget about your stressful, busy and difficult life challenges, and gaze upon the masterpiece beauty of IvIvI’s rendition of the lotus.


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Additional information

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions22 × 18 × 1.125 cm
Art Surface

Archival Ink


Artwork Border

Design Concept

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Dimensions ( L x W x H) In

1 Meditate On Me W3219D1.900000.jpg
Meditate On Me