Inspire Me



This work explores that profound intersection of nature and technology; asking the question – what are you illuminated by, and what illuminates you?


Inspire Me: What Does It Mean?

Are you like an electric light bulb – inspiring those around you with your energy, thoughts, and ideas? Or, do you tend to be lit up by others who shed a glow on your world? What does this lightbulb illuminate for you?

For the Viewer: Illumination… and Where It Leads You

For every viewer, Inspire Me is designed to provide a unique moment of introspection. It is designed to make you think, spark new emotions, and keep you reflecting on what you believe. To unlock new concepts about what motivates, captivates, and inspires you.

For the Artist: Turning On the Lightbulb

As one of my earliest works, this piece contains the outline of a lightbulb that is shining brightly – illuminating the detailed flowers thrown into sharp relief behind it.

The lightbulb’s interior contains a colorful pattern, while the imagery outside the bulb is painted in a solid monotone. The bulb’s shape and design intentionally reveals only a portion of the wonder that the flowers have to offer, while the light radiating from the bulb illuminates the full beauty of the flower’s petals, leaves, and stems.

It’s almost as though – by looking through the glass of the bulb – we are able to see the true depth and complexity of nature.

The Concept: How it All Began

Interweaving human-made with nature-influenced design is a passion of mine. And the cross-section between technology and nature is an area that has always filled me with wonder. We live in a world where these two elements so frequently overlap, intertwine, negate, penetrate, and illuminate one another.

And that overlap is magical.

Of course, from impressionists to surrealists, graphic novelists to cubists – using nature and technology as a springboard for imagination and art-making is an age-old concept. And it is one that continues to keep me curious, to propel me to develop new work.

These two elements in Inspire Me – represented here by electricity and flowers – perfectly capture my vision of that age-old overlap between technology and nature; that pivotal gray area where human design and natural design intersect.

The Colors: A Constant Process of Choice & Discovery

The colors in Inspire Me vary from iteration to iteration. I lean towards what looks right to me in the moment, based wholely on the specific scenario. The versatility of this piece is amazing.

By integrating cooler colors; hues in blues and purples – the piece can look aquatic – an underwater portrait of light and shadow caught deep below the surface of the waves. While warmer colors tend to highlight the electric nature of the light bulb, giving it a vibrant, almost irridescent quality.

The drawing can appear as a highly polished, modern piece with a black background and gold, silver, and white pen lines that bring out the flower’s defined, crisp outline. Or it can be presented as real, golden and purple flower hues against a clean, white background. One of my favorite iterations of this piece is drawn all in black; with the flower details thrown into sharp relief with just one, vibrant and pronounced color.

The Artistic Process: Listening to the Art & Developing the Work

Of course, the process of determining what the piece will ultimately look like involves a deep sense of curiosity, experimentation, and discovery. I always mock up the colors on the computer first to see what it might look like before I draw it, because each drawing takes a significant amount of time to complete.

Client preferences guide me here, and I have an in-depth conversation with each client to see where their ideas and inspiration lead.

What it Means: It All Comes Back to Inspiration

Because, above all, to me, art is about inspiration. It is about that quickening energy that compels us to pursue mystery, to reach for what is beyond our grasp, on the outer edges of our abilities.

This piece is a perfect example of that.

By using the cross-section of nature and technology as a catalyst; I’ve developed a piece that speaks to how each of us is inspired by – and inspires – each other.

Inspire Me is about how through our differences, uniqueness, complexities, and simplicities; we cast light on one another, and we are each lit by the glow of the people around us.

As an artist, I constantly get to step into the role of lightbulb; crafting pieces designed to inspire others. And yet, to create art, I am constantly in touch with the people and elements that inspire me.

In this case, it is the intricacy of flowers, the power of electricity, and the profound overlap that exists between the two that lights me up.

When Inspire Me hangs on your wall – in your home or business – I hope it will remind you of this. That it will cast a glow, and empower you to cast your own.


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Weight60 lbs
Dimensions20 × 16 × 0.375 cm
Art Surface

Archival Ink

Gold, Silver, White

Artwork Border

Design Concept

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Dimensions ( L x W x H) In

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Inspire Me