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Adorn The Walls Of Any Space With Customized Art Uniquely Built Through An Imaginative Approach That Marries Cutting-Edge Innovation, Quality Materials, & Stunning Design. Welcome To Bespoke Artistry by IvIvI.

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Meet The Artist

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For a lifetime, IvIvI dreamed of becoming an artist. Specifically, a pen and ink artist;
creating captivating images with his own hands. And yet, the visions in IvIvI’s head so
often differed from what he drew, and he yearned for a way to breathe life into the
complex, intricate ideas that drifted through his mind’s eye.

That’s when IvIvI discovered the pen plotter; a graphics printer that draws images with
ink pens. Plotters draw point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files; in fact,
they were the first computer output device that could print graphics while also
accommodating full-size engineering and architectural drawings.

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Discover The Art


IvIvI passionately experiments with a wide selection of mediums and styles to produce
abstract canvas wall art, sacred geometry art, and custom pieces. Presentations include
black artboard, white artboard, and painted Gessobord.

By using a special software that sends coding requirements to a pen plotter, IvIvI
produces extravagant artworks that bring the most complex imaginings to life. Art fills
our experience every day; and IvIvI’s techniques are simply a practice of capturing,
translating, and framing the magic of the world around us.

Customize Yours


Begin by selecting your favorite starting point from some of our most popular pieces and choose colors. Once you have selected and purchased IvIvI will then prepare your selection by hand painting it and drawing with the pen plotter to make the perfect quality result.

Custom Artwork: Meditate On Me

Starting At $75.00


First Step, Select Your Surface.
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Why IvIvI

Discovery. Transformation. Innovation

Each artwork is individually drawn using pen, ink, and original designs by IvIvI. The IvIvI process
is unique because – from the first moment a piece is begun – art lovers have the opportunity to customize each element of their final product. IvIvI works are ideal for individuals with a keen eye for high quality products, and with propercare, these pieces last a lifetime.

The Ink

Metallic colors shimmer and shine with life that indoor or natural lighting will emphasize vibrant and clean lines for every artwork.

The Paint

All IvIvI Gessobords are painted using high grade professional acrylic pigments that give the best vibrance and most opaque surface vibrant and clean lines for every artwork.

The Gessoboard

IvIvI makes premium panels available to buyers with a true yearning for high-quality artworks. As a professional-grade MDF panel, the acid-free Gessobord is as versatile, as it is silky-smooth for a truly premium finish.

The Artboard

IvIvI uses only lignin and acid-free, archival conservation board. This high quality material means each piece lasts long into the future

How It Works


Step One: Choose An Art Surface

Black/White Gessobord (Highest Quality - Museum Gallery Appearance) or the Black/White Artboard (High Quality - More Affordable)

Step Two: Choose Your Colors

Choose design colors by clicking on box and watching how artwork changes. Make sure to choose for each color layer

Step Three: Choose Frame Style

Black, white, gold with black veins, silver with black veins, or none. All measure the same size however are specific for gessobord or artboard

Step Four: Finance With Affirm (Optional)

Most clients choose to finance their artworks (makes it easier to purchase a set of 3 for example).

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Buy Now, Pay Later

All of our art is paired with easy financing options through Affirm which allows you to not bear the bulk of the price all up front! 


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