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When artwork is displayed thoughtfully, it can truly elevate your living or workspace to the next level. But, hanging artwork can feel a little overwhelming at first…

So, how can you take easy steps to hang your artwork with style?

Step 1: First, Determine Your Goals & Vision

Ask yourself the following questions to get a feel for what you want, what tools you need, and where you’ll start:

  • Do you want to have your artworks framed or unframed?
    You’ll find a guide for both options below.
  • What color scheme are you aiming for?
    This will help you choose which room in your home to start with.
  • What sizes are you going to pick for your artworks?
    This will impact how you space your pieces.
  • Will your artworks be singly placed or grouped together as a unit?
    This will help you narrow down where you place your artwork.
  • What materials are your walls made of (drywall vs. plaster vs. brick vs. cement)?
    This will help you know what tools you will need moving forward.
  • Do you have a very heavy artwork (greater than 60 lbs)?
    If this is the case you might want to find a stud for your artwork – better safe than sorry!

Once you have these answers in hand, you can take smart, simple steps forward. The following guide will address all of the options above.

Dream Big… And Keep it Simple.

Remember, you can only do ONE thing at a time. Sometimes, the idea of hanging artwork becomes overwhelming because, of course, you want to make it perfect. To avoid getting overwhelmed, pick one room or area to hang up your artwork at a time.

Should you have multiple rooms or areas you want to work on, pick a unifying theme for the household first, then a theme for each room second.

Step 2: Gather Tools to Hang Framed or Unframed Artwork

Both framed and unframed artwork can have gorgeous results, and of course, they require slightly different materials. Below, you’ll find a list of the tools needed for hanging framed and unframed artwork.

Unframed Artwork – A Beautiful Aesthetic

For any artwork, you have to ask the essential question: how you would like to display your work? For example, IvIvI uses artboard that looks great when hung as is – it’s simple, convenient, and looks great!

For hanging unframed artwork, you’ll need to decide between tape and tacks. Both options are simple and effective, and again, this decision comes down to the style and look you want, and the wall material you’re working with.

If You Choose to Use Tape:

An excellent option that truly works wonders – you can use tape for almost anything, and it’s particularly recommended for artboard and lighter works.

  • Apply strips evenly, either 4 small pieces in the corners or a full strip at the top and a full strip at the bottom of the artwork.
  • Press the artwork against the wall

If You Choose to Use Thumbtacks:

The best part of choosing thumbtacks is deciding your desired style. You can pick either discrete or highly visible tacks to either blend in or stand out, all depending on your personal esthetic. For example: imagine Contain Me. For the black artboard, you could choose options such as these:

Remember, you have the freedom to choose a bold, visible style or a subtle style – it’s up to you! Now, it’s time to hang your artwork… you can skip ahead to section three!

Framed Artwork – Sophisticated & Chic

Framed artwork looks incredible, provides a polished and finished presentation, and combined with gessobord, creates an exceptional result.

For example: See Me Closely looks amazing as a standalone piece. And yet, with the black frame, the artwork truly pops. The rest of this guide will talk specifically about mounting gessobord or framed artwork. All IvIvI artwork is designed so that you only ever need to put one screw or nail into the wall per artwork, making it easy and straightforward for you.

When it comes to renovation or home decoration, it’s always smart to remember the golden rule: Measure Twice, Cut Once! If you’ve decided to hang framed artwork, this is where getting set up and making sure you have the tools you need is important. Here are a few items you will need to ensure you can effectively hang your framed artwork:

  • Pencil or Pen
  • Painter’s Tape (to make guidelines)
  • A Hammer or Drill
  • Nails or Screws (IvIvI prefers screws – either option is fine depending on your comfort level. With a screw, you have more control.
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • All artworks you plan to hang (it’s easiest to plan with these directly available to you)!

Now, it’s time to position your artwork so that it’s even, and makes your space look truly beautiful.

Step 3: Position Your Artwork

When hanging art, one of the common roadblocks is figuring out how to position your pieces. How do you make sure your artwork is level? How do you know what place in the room will best showcase your pieces?

If any of these questions are on your mind, you’re in the right place. Here are a few guidelines that will help you perfectly position your artworks.

  • If you are hanging above an object like a counter, sofa, desk, bed, or mantelpiece, try to place your artwork a maximum of 4 to 8 inches above your object (larger walls and ceilings can handle wider spacing between objects and artworks, but for smaller spaces and walls, stick to a 4 inch distance between objects and artwork).
  • For larger objects or spaces – like a mantelpiece, hallway, or above a long sofa – use larger artworks or group artworks together as a set to compliment your space.
  • If you are grouping your artworks, treat the whole group as ONE artwork, and space your artworks 2 to 3 inches apart (again with larger walls you can choose larger spacings).
  • Try to cover 60-90% of the space above your object (and make sure to use the guide below to center your artworks), and keep the center of your artworks at eye level (approximately 60 inches from the ground).

Finally, let’s get to the measurement process itself. There are two calculations to measure: the Height of Your Artwork and the Spacing Of Your Artwork.

Measure the Height

Use the easy steps below to determine the height at which you will place your artwork.

  • Determine the center height for your artwork, and then measure this height on both the left and right edges of your wall. Make one dot on the left most side of your wall, and one dot on the right most side of your wall at the height at which you want your artworks to hang.
  • Take your Painter’s Tape, and place the top edge just below your height dots on the left most side of your wall. Now, extend your Painter’s Tape to the right most dot, and you will have a level plane to hang your artworks.
  • Repeat this step at different heights if you have artworks of various sizes that you want at certain heights. If your artworks are all the same size and you want them at the same height, then you can simply use the same line to hang them.
  • To figure out how low your artwork should hang from its screw, use a tape measure and pseudo hang it to get a visual of what distance fits your esthetic.

Measure to Evenly Space

If you’d like your artworks spaced evenly, follow the next steps to figure out how far apart each of your artworks should be.

  • Mark a dot just above your Painters Tape to determine where your screw/nail goes.
  • Repeat this step if you have artworks that you’d like to hang at different heights.

Now, you’re ready to hang your artwork!

Step 4: Hang Your Artwork

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you can prepare to hang your piece by placing your screw or nails in the wall for framed artwork, or positioning your tape or tacks for unframed artwork. Finally, place your fastener, hang your artworks up, and step back to take a look.

Finally, remove your painter’s tape. Now, you should now have some elegantly placed artwork.

Step 5: Realizing Your Vision (Psst… Remember, You’re the Boss!)

This guide will lead you to success in hanging your art – simply follow the directions above in each area of your house to see some really beautiful results.

One last reminder: any art that you choose to hang up is YOUR art, so you always get the final say in where your artwork should go. At the end of the day, the art should bring you joy, and if that means placing your art in a different style – go for it!

Need some new art to hang up? View IvIvI artworks available here and view the virtual exhibit for additional inspiration as well!

Still stuck somewhere? Send a message to IvIvI with the contact form above!

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